Stay in control under pressure

Stress lands in the body, and can unplug the brain

A big presentation, a difficult conversation or an angry customer and suddenly your stomach is queasy. Or your voice goes funny. Or emotions hit you out of nowhere and your head goes blank.

Here’s what’s happening: Your instinctive or survival brain has taken over your body and your higher, thinking brain. You’ve been thrown off.

Your lower brain is preparing your body to get out of there. Chemicals are flowing, blood is pumping, nerves are firing. Your muscles are ready for action.

Only you can’t move. You freeze and your brain goes offline. No wonder you can’t think clearly, or remember anything, or even speak.

Physical problems need physical solutions. Shayna can help you find the right solutions for you, through workplace training, coaching, or counselling.

Effective strategies

You’ll learn:

  1. What’s going on in the body-brain under pressure
  2.  How to catch the early signs before you get derailed
  3. Effective tools to stay on your game.

Basic concepts

First, you’ll learn scientific concepts in plain language about the natural brain and body responses under pressure.

Recognize the body's signals

Second, you’ll practice reading your own early signals. Typically we get warnings, but we override or miss them. You learn how to catch signals at an early stage when you can do something.

Tools to stay in control

Third, you’ll practice simple physical tools to handle these uncomfortable sensations so you can feel better and think clearly. It’s exciting to learn how to help yourself in these situations.

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ArteSana Wellness Clinic
#308 – 4885 Kingsway
(at Nelson, across from Metrotown)
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