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Boost your team's wellbeing with trauma-informed resilience training
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Resilience is different than endurance.

Resilience training helps you build bounce-back ability, to stay well in the face of challenges. Learn to harness focused attention and the science of neuroplasticity to boost personal and workplace resilience.

Read more about resilience vs. endurance.

Shayna Hornstein has provided resilience training, coaching and support to diverse organizations since 1992. Her style is respectful, genuine and engaging. The content is research-based, fresh and practical.

You’ll learn resilience strategies that work.

"People learned practical techniques and told stories of how their behaviour changed in ways that improved their effectiveness and eased their stress levels."

Peter Bruckman, Social Planner

"I recommend workshops with Shayna in multicultural environments."

Rabia Mir, Project Consultant

"Shayna is deeply committed, easy to work with and exudes calm and passion."

Laura Benson, Director of Organizing

"Participants use these skills in the moment of an event to ground themselves and respond effectively to the situation at hand."

Lorelei Faulkner-Gibson, RN, BSN, MN, CPMHN(C)

Professional Practice Leader - Nursing

"Shayna offers students choices so that they have power and can access their agency within the classroom setting."

Preeti Dhaliwal, Lawyer & Professor



"Something practical I am taking away is
to listen to my body—a fascinating approach to wisdom."

Facing Anger: Staying Steady


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