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Good news! I am offering online sessions, and clients are seeing results
as we all adapt to new pressures during COVID-19


I am dedicated to the people and communities I work with, and if finances are a challenge for you, please see the pay-what-you-can option on my booking page.

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Biting down on COVID stress

Biting down on COVID stress

Somatic tools help ease the tension  As COVID wears on, how are your teeth? Has your jaw been sore? Maybe your dentist or hygienist asked if you’re grinding your teeth. If so, you’re not alone. Actually, you’re in good company. Most people have no idea they’re...

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I’m not taking it personally, but my body sure is!

He just shouted at you, and you feel like you can't take any more pressure. You're sick of feeling so much stress. It's probably not hard to imagine this situation, or multiple other versions of it. Knowing your stressed-out client has a lot on his mind does nothing...

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Designing the right training for your team

You might be a manager, a human resources consultant or team leader looking for fresh professional development and training to offer your team. Perhaps your employees prepare for high stakes presentations, pitches to potential clients or deliver oral submissions. Or...

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Somatic training in the workplace?

Maybe you’re a manager preparing a presentation or you’re about to have an uncomfortable conversation with a colleague or supervisor. Maybe you need to negotiate with someone whose standpoint is very different from yours. Whatever the circumstance, you’re anticipating...

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Pain’s imprint on the body

Just before we get injured, our bodies go into action to protect us. These are the instincts that try to get us out of harm’s way. Let’s say you are in a car accident. Your hands grab and jerk the wheel. Or maybe you brace yourself on the door.

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Shayna Hornstein is a Vancouver-based trainer, coach and therapist with 20+ years of combined education, research and professional practice in workplace health and safety, as well as treating people with chronic illness.

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