"Shayna knows her stuff. She combines structure and clarity with spontaneity—responding to what the moment calls for."

Self Care in the Thick of Things


“Shayna helped me understand how I'm feeling, what I want, and how to release the energy that stresses me.”

Responding to Stress with Resilience



"A fun, positive and creative approach
for a challenging topic."

Facing Anger: Staying Steady




"Shayna is an excellent facilitator. She is knowledgeable, mindful, and respectful."

Workplace Wellness Beginning with "No"




"Lovely to laugh along with learning!"

 Staying Steady: Self Care in the Thick of Things


“I love how the training connects me to myself and encourages us to find a place for resilience in our work lives.”

Strengthening Boundaries



"Something I am taking away is… It’s okay to step back and see what I need to do to gather my senses. These seconds are available and I need to use them."

Safety Decisions in Critical Moments


Helping teams triumph

Shayna Hornstein is a Vancouver-based adult educator, coach and therapist with 20+ years of combined education, research and professional practice in workplace health, safety and wellness, as well as treating people with chronic illness.


Working with teams and individuals, Shayna directs the power of our innate instincts toward healing stress, building strength, and achieving goals. Since the early nineties, she has provided team trainings for public sector organizations, health and social services providers, as well as colleges and universities. Her work helps everyone from frontline staff to senior leadership.

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