Succeed in your endeavours without burning out.

You’re passionate about what you do and expect much of yourself. The pressures are increasing and you know this pace is not sustainable. With relentless demands you can’t afford to be thrown off your game. Shayna’s coaching sessions help you study and work with your own physical reactions to stress, to stay steady under pressure. You’ll keep the passion and lose the tension.

“Understanding how I feel physically when I’m stressed out helps me slow down to keep the right pace.”
– Health care team lead

As you learn techniques to support yourself right in the middle of shifting, stressful situations, you will rise to the challenge and perform at your best. Shayna helps you understand the body’s instincts so you can transform anxiety. You can also develop greater control so you won’t be derailed by sudden bursts of emotion.

Shayna’s coaching is explorative, lighthearted and refreshing. She will help you overcome the impacts of stress, so you can move your own personal mountains.

“I learned what I came for and so much more.” – Union chairperson

As a coach, Shayna helps you connect with your own strength and ingenuity. With her guidance, you will develop the resilience to reach your goals.

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Stress management strategies that work

One-on-one coaching:

  1. Prevents the out-of-nowhere body responses that can sabotage the best of us.
  2. Enhances your resilience for the long run.

Physical reactions need physical strategies. This collaborative approach will help you develop your own specific physical techniques to shield yourself against these debilitating responses. These effortless tools can be used right in the moment to off-set the automatic reactions and restore your body-brain to full function.

Your ability to ‘think on your feet’ stays intact. You stay in control to deliver your personal best whatever the situation.

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Can't find a time that works for you? Please email Shayna for help!

Coaching Sessions

One on One

Confidential, collaborative, individual

Live and in-person, at your site or my coaching space

RATES: Coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes at a rate of $140/session, or pay what you can. Many extended health benefits cover this service. Ask Shayna!

Can't find a time that works for you? Please email Shayna for help!

Common Themes

Coaching, training and support might address the following topics:

  • Preparing for high stakes presentations or events
  • Setting healthy limits to handle daily stressors
  • Giving or receiving feedback
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Dealing with anger: in person, on the phone, via the screen
  • You name it. Let’s discuss it.

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Can't find a time that works for you? Please email Shayna for help!

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