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Good news! I am offering online sessions, and clients are seeing results
as we all adapt to new pressures during COVID-19
I am dedicated to the people and communities I work with, and if finances are a challenge for you, please see the pay-what-you-can option on my booking page.
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In today’s fast-paced world, physical and emotional pain can make you feel left behind. Shayna’s trauma-aware practice draws on your own physical resources to regain your wellbeing. There’s more to getting better than just trying harder.

“I learned to focus and shift my emotions into a positive energy.”– Registered Nurse

As a registered physical therapist, Shayna has spent her career working with people who have chronic conditions. She now works with the body’s instincts to help you transform your healing from struggle to triumph.

Shayna helps clients work with illness and injury, bringing the mind and body back into their natural harmony. She provides body-focused psychotherapy for people experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and other disabling conditions.

“I’m stronger than I realized.” – Union steward

As a counsellor, Shayna helps you build on strengths, even in the most difficult situations. With her support, you will overcome the frustrations of the healing process, and start becoming your strong self again.

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An Alternative Therapy for Chronic Pain

Automatic muscle tension patterns might be interfering with your recovery. Like a tape recording running in the background, muscles can tighten up without your knowing it. At other times these tension patterns break through and you feel neck, shoulder or back pain, or stomach upset. Interestingly, these tension patterns can also affect your mood and how you connect with others. When our bodies are tight, it’s hard to be open to what others are saying. When our muscles are relaxed, we can be more flexible.

This therapy will help you become aware of these tightness patterns at an earlier stage and we’ll explore specific techniques that help you ease them.

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Choose ““Pay What You Can Somatic Coaching/Counselling”
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Focus of Therapy

Shayna will work with you to help you:

  • Connect with your body as your friend
  • Transform the pain
  • Pick up early, subtle signals that tell you what your body needs
  • Be able to rest and sleep when you feel tired
  • Regain strength and flexibility in your body and in your response to life’s challenges
  • Move past the imprint of this illness, injury or surgery and move on with healing

Shayna offers therapy that combines hands-on techniques, active movements and mindful attention.


RATES: Treatment sessions are typically 50 minutes at a rate of $120/session, or pay what you can. Many extended health benefits cover Shayna’s services as a registered physical therapist.

Choose ““Pay What You Can Somatic Coaching/Counselling” on the booking page.

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ArteSana Wellness Clinic
#308 – 4885 Kingsway
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Burnaby BC


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