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Responding to the pressures of today’s workplace takes resilient teams and leaders.

Resilience is “bounce-back” ability. It is staying calm and focused in any situation. Developing resilience in workplace teams and leaders is about enhancing how individuals handle stress and pressure, in any situation, so they can think clearly, communicate effectively and improve productivity. The Workplace Resilience Training program delivers easy to implement techniques that can be used throughout the workday and transform the impact of stress.

Participants practice simple, active tools they can use right in the moment to avoid being derailed by sudden pressure or change. They learn to develop healthy strategies to stay on top of their game for the long run. People become more energetic, better able to communicate and to creatively solve problems. Your team becomes vibrant and resilient, ready to skillfully and collaboratively tackle any challenges head on.

“Shayna offers a fun, positive and creative approach for challenging topics.”

Social impact leader

Shayna’s customized workshops help teams and leaders harness their instincts to excel under any circumstance, and to rise to meet workplace challenges with focus and wellness.

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Training Themes

  • EASING THE TENSION AND RECOVERING ENERGY: Tools to help us move through COVID stress
  • I’M NOT TAKING IT PERSONALLY, BUT MY BODY SURE IS! Responding to anger and distress with greater ease
  • HOW CAN I LISTEN WHEN WE DISAGREE? Effective communication training for teams
  • ADVANCING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: Expanding comfort zones
  • THE POWER OF “NO”: Professional boundaries for stronger teams
  • ALTERNATIVES TO VENTING: Healthy strategies that ease frustration and boost morale
  • GIVING & RECEIVING FEEDBACK: Staying steady under pressure
  • STRONG ENOUGH TO LISTEN: Leadership at its best

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Training and support

Customized content, flexible formats

Training is available in group seminars, lunch-and-learn sessions, half and full day workshops and retreats as well as one-on-one coaching.

“A different approach from the norm.”– Federal government director

Research shows us that when the body takes over (with shaky knees, a knotted stomach, a lump in the throat and so on), our brain doesn’t function well. People learn techniques and develop new habits to catch and release these automatic internal tensions so they don’t build up and spill out. They can stay in control and be effective, productive and creative.

“Shayna is relaxed, flexible and calm, and adaptive to her audience.” – University administrator

Workplace relationships are enhanced instead of undermined. Colleagues learn new ways to support one another in stressful moments without the listener ‘taking it on.’ Productivity and collective creativity blossom.

Could your team benefit from training?

“When I worked at a non-profit that provided support to women living with HIV, my team had ‘Shayna days’ on a quarterly basis. Many organizations in this field experienced staff burnout and turnover given the grief and loss of the work.

While our organization wasn’t immune; we found that the regularly scheduled days were helpful to provide sessions for strengthening team connection and resilience. Shayna was adept at listening to the issues at hand and designing days that were invigorating and rewarding, creating an impact we took back to our everyday tasks.

If a crisis arose, Shayna made herself available to team members to develop response strategies that worked.”

Janet Madsen, Capacity Building and Knowledge Translation Coordinator
Pacific AIDS Network

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A unique approach

Engaging and enjoyable

Interactive teaching is respectful of participants’ individual styles. No one is coaxed into contrived group activities. Participants learn together with each individual taking what they need in a private way. People routinely experience an insight into their own automatic behavior and are relieved to have choices.

Authentic scenarios

Participants relate to activities that are customized to reflect their reality. Experiential exercises—without role playing—create enduring learning of strategies and tools. Participants are relaxed. Activities are simple, engaging and fun.  People are surprised to enjoy this training process.


Exciting research in neuroplasticity and how the brain can change guides this work. Participants learn about our human-animal instincts under sudden and ongoing pressures. With fresh understanding and effective tools, participants can support themselves and each other in healthy ways, particularly under stressful conditions.

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