Don't take it personally? Seriously!?

He just shouted at you, and you feel like you can’t take any more pressure. You’re sick of feeling so much stress.

It’s probably not hard to imagine this situation, or multiple other versions of it. Knowing your stressed-out client has a lot on his mind does nothing to settle your racing heart or the tense feeling in the pit of your stomach. You tell yourself, don’t take it personally, but your body isn’t listening.

Although we humans like to elevate ourselves above the animal kingdom, we are indeed mammals.  We’re wired so that anger is often registered by our instinctive nervous system as danger. Our body springs into action to protect us. Our heart rate quickens, our muscles tense. We are automatically readying to run, defend ourselves, or freeze altogether. Sometimes intense emotion hits us out of nowhere.

Want to learn about the science of what’s going on in the background? Read on.

None of this is fun when you have a client, co-worker or boss in front of you. And it doesn’t feel professional.

Our reasoning brain may know that the client is just stressed out and there is no actual danger, but the body has registered alarm signals and instructs us to act instinctively.

Your body isn't your mind's enemy. You can train them to work together.

As a coach and facilitator, I’ll help you learn ways to work with these physical instincts so they don’t take over. So you don't react in the heat of the moment in ways you'll later regret, and so you're not paralyzed and unable to respond. You’ll get practice working with your own instincts, and easing the fight, flight and freeze responses… so that you can settle, release tension, breathe freely, and take charge in a professional manner.

You just responded to a yelling client like a total pro, staying steady and taking care of yourself all at the same time. You're breathing easier and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Is this situation hard to imagine? Something you wish you could achieve? Contact me for more information about how I might work with your support you through coaching, or work with your team to prevent burnout.

As a registered physical therapist, my services are often covered under most benefits plans. My affordable rates are less expensive than counselling sessions, and aim to enable you to be your own strongest resource.

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